Tamaura Bernice Rhodizia Adelaide Llyn, more commonly referred to as Tammy, is the main protagonist of the webcomic Blindsprings. She is the eighth and youngest daughter of the deposed Orphic royal family of Aberwelle.

Tammy is the High Priestess of Kirkhall and a sealed Orphic. She is chronologically over 300 years old, although physically and emotionally she is 12 at the story's beginning, due to a contract made with the Royal Spirits. Tamaura is a legitimized bastard of the royal Llyn family and survived the Academic Revolution in xxx along with her half-sister xxxxx; the rest of the royal family was murdered. Tammy has a contract with the Royal Spirits to keep her sister safe in suspended sleep until she has freed the Spirits of modern-day Kirckhall from their chains.

Tammy is a childhood friend of Harris who, as an adult, returns to "rescue" Tamaura from the Spirits (against her will) and break her initial contract with them. Upon her introduction to the modern-Kirkhall, she befriends Imogen and Street.

Abilities Edit

As a sealed Orphic, Tamaura cannot use most of her Orphic powers; however, the Spirits have modified her seal such that she can influence Academic Seals. Tamaura also has "The Sight," an Orphic ability allowing her to see otherwise hidden magical objects and seals.

Author's Description[1] Edit

Sealed by the Academists in 762, Tamaura was protected from further harm by the Spirits of the ancient Wickwold forest for almost 300 years, all the white serving them. The youngest child of the fading royal line of Aberwelle, Tammy is now tasked with saving the spirits of the land after young Master Harris broke her contract.

Though she is technically hundreds of years older than her two new friends of Street and Imogen, the Blindsprings altered her perception of time, and ceased her aging, physically and emotionally. Little has changed for the princess herself, bu the entire wold has changed around her.

Many People wish to use Tammy's status and bloodline to further their own goals; being sealed is of little importance.

Tammy herself desires very little. Save her sister. Protect her friends. Eat some pancakes.
Likes: Crocheting, needlepoint, pancakes
Dislikes: Academists, mischief, elevators

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