Elodie "Street" Dominae Edit

Elodie, better known as Street, is an undocumented, unsealed Orphic. She was abandoned by her parents and is looked after by her Aunt Liza. Street protects and runs a band of abandoned Orphic children know as the Sparrows. Street has tested out of school. She is 13 at the start of the story and a close friend of Imogen. The pair befriends the lost princess Tamaura. Street is asked by the fountain Spirit, Fatso, to become his priestess. She initially refuses, then relents when she needs greater powers to protect her friends.

Abilities Edit

As an unsealed Orphic, Street is able to use her inborn magic. She also has a special power of luck, or serendipity.

Author's Description[1] Edit

Street lives in the old catacombs of Kirkhall, along with several other young children. Orphic children are routinely left at orphanages or abandoned due to the stigma, and few shelters will take Orphics. This leaves few opportunities for the unwanted Orphic children, and Street is determined to protect those under her care. 
Her group, the Sparrows, is just one of the many groups of Orphic children under the care of the shadowy person who runs the petty crimes of Nawonan, once a prosperous district. Street refuses to let her kids be a part of anything strictly illegal, and most work as informants, spies, and messengers.
Street, or Elodie, doesn't remember much about her parents. All she knows is that they were forced to abandon her while she attended school to flee the country. Aunt Liza assures her they were good people, but Street finds it hard to imagine leave behind anyone in her own care.